Our Team

ProEUvaluesBG project management team

Open Society Institute – Sofia

Georgi Stoychev,
OSIS Executive Director

Chair of the Executive Council of the project

email: gstoytchev@osi.bg

Desislava Velkova

Project Manager and Manager for “Action” Fund

phone: 02/930 6641

Veliko Sherbanov

Financial Manager

email: vsherbanov@osi.bg;
phone: 02/930 6626

Marin Lesenski

Project Coordinator

email: mlessenski@osi.bg;
phone: 02/930 6649

Milen Minchev

Administrator of the Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS)

email: administrator.proeuvalues@osi.bg;
phone: 02/930 6634

Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation

Iliyana Nikolova, Executive Director of WCIF,

Member of the executive board of the project

email: inikolova@frgi.bg

Maria Stoimenova

Financial manager WCIF and “Together” Fund

email: mstoimenova@frgi.bg

Valery Pandzharov

“Together” Fund Manager

email: vpandzharov@frgi.bg,
phone: 0885895390

Monika Pisankaneva

Training manager, “Together” Fund

email: mpisankaneva@frgi.bg

Maria Petrova

Coordinator, “Together” Fund

email: office@frgi.bg

Simona Bondikova

Communication manager

email: sbondikova@frgi.bg

Reneta Kutsarova

Communication coordinator

email: rkutsarova@frgi.bg,

European Citizen Action Service (ECAS)

Asya Kavrakova,
ECAS Executive Director

Member of the executive board of the project

email: assya.kavrakova@ecas.org

Simeon Stoyanov

Coordinator of “Roadmap” training program

email: simeon.stoyanov@ecas.org