Over 30 Bulgarian non-governmental organizations support civil society in Georgia

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Illustration by Adonis Papadopoulos, Fine Acts

More than 30 Bulgarian civil organizations signed a declaration expressing their support for civil society organizations in Georgia seeking EU membership.

Despite the desire of the vast majority of Georgian citizens to become part of the EU, the current government in Tbilisi passes laws that hinder these aspirations.

In response to this situation, civil society organizations are uniting in support of Georgian citizens and their organizations, opposing restrictive legislation that threatens civil society in Georgia. They demand that the Bulgarian authorities and the European countries condemn the violence against the citizens of Georgia and the imposed restrictions against their freedoms.

Bulgarian civil society organizations emphasize that the European authorities and the administrations of the EU member countries should rethink their relations with the current Georgian government, as well as the priorities of the European and national aid provided. They recommend limiting aid to projects in favor of greater support for civil society structures.

If you also believe that governments should not violate civil rights and liberties and want to express your solidarity with the citizens of Georgia, join us and sign the declaration.

Send an email to dgeorgiev@frgi.bg stating: name and surname, organization and the place of registration of your organization to show your support.